It all started in late 1998 with the release of QuikSeps. At the time, complex color separations for t-shirt screen printing such as simulated process were viewed upon as magical and mysterious and the software to generate these separations was also very expensive.

This is where QuikSeps entered the picture and suddenly everything changed. QuikSeps generated fabulous simulated process separations and was priced at only $299, whereas other software cost thousands! The word started to spread and before long, QuikSeps was adopted worldwide and in use just about everywhere.

Through the years, QuikSeps received several incremental updates until 2010 when a major rewrite was released named QuikSeps Professional. This final version of QuikSeps was wildly successful, and in fact, during the initial six months of the release date we had a difficult time keeping up with the orders and the massive amount of email inquiries.

Overall, QuikSeps is well known and used globally and although difficult to accurately place a number on the copies of QuikSeps Pro in use, its certainly in excess of 10,000.

In 2013 UltraSeps CSS was released which blew the doors off QuikSeps and although immediately successful, I felt the need to further automate and simplify the processes and released UltraSeps v2 a year later.

UltraSeps v2 offers everything the original UltraSeps did yet took it to the next level by including an immense array of enhanced and expanded features, advanced automation along with new and additional color separation functions and techniques. Its basically like the original UltraSeps and QuikSeps Professional on steroids!

UltraSeps v2 featured completely new second and third simulated process color separation options called Simulated #2 and Simulated #3 that utilize a new and unique approach to extract color from an image. The software also generates CMYK, Index, Black & White, Spot and Specialty Color Separations. All have been enhanced and improved for optimum performance and ease of use.

UltraSeps v2 removed just about every probability of error to enhance the end user experience with integrated logic that examines the file prior to running a separation and most other functions so if the image is formatted incorrectly, the separation is generated or other selected function is processed.

Moving forward to 2018 welcomed UltraSeps v3. This updated release has significant speed and stability improvements although other than that, is almost identical to Version 2. The new Version 3 however features one unheard of perk that's not offered by any other major competing product, and that being a pay once and use it on ALL your systems policy!

For one low price, UltraSeps v3 can be installed to every system in use by the user. Never a charge to unlock new or added systems, never a need to contact us following a new install, never pay another dime FOREVER to use it!

Today, UltraSeps v3 is used by more screen printers and screen print artists than possibly ALL other color separation software combined.

If I were to guess the total number of users encompassing all our versions, it must easily exceed 30,000. That may not seem like a big number, although this type of software appeals to a very small market and I doubt highly much more than 30,000 global users exist for niche software such as this.

Our next project is to harness our excellent reputation in the screen printing industry to offer a low cost and highly effective promotional vehicle for suppliers and manufacturers. This new venture will begin as the T-ShirtHelp Monthly Newsletter and sent to about 20,000 known registered users of our software, all of whom are t-shirt printers.

Information from each newsletter will be included free of charge in the new site to be launched sometime during the fall of 2020.